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The Bangladesh railway ministry announces a new E-Ticket system for the Bangladesh rail Ticket. On 26 March this new system was started. So most of the citizens want to know what is the Tarin e-Ticket & what is the Advantages vs Dis-Advantages of Online new Train Ticket Bangladesh. So in this article today we wanna going to discuss deeply about Train E-Tickets Advantages vs Dis-Advantages.

So this article is most important who were travel tarins frequently. Also, we share with you about how to complete the registration process on the new rail Ticket Server & how to buy Online trains E-Ticket from at home very easily. so requested to you [please read this article carefully & grave know about Online Train Ticket Bangladesh. if you have any queries then please let us know in the below comments box.

What is Train E-Tickets?

Electronic Ticket means the E-ticket. This is the new ticket system for the Bangladesh railway authority that Computerized Seat Reservation & Ticketing System (CCSRTS) and Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV. All the passengers buy this online ticket from the home. They no need to stand in the long line at the railway station ticket counter. The new system was started in Bangladesh form 26 march at 08: AM. If you also book any OInline Train tickets in Bangladesh then please visit the official website.

Online Train Ticket Bangladesh

The Bangladesh railway ministry announces a news system about online train tickets. The authority changes the previous online train ticket methods. From 26 March the all online ticket can by brought from the new server onward. This topic is most trending in Bangladesh now. Most of the people of Bangladesh want to know about the Online Train Ticket. How they can register on the portal & how they can book or buy the Train E-Ticket. So here we will discuss about it briefly.

How to buy an Online train Ticket

Most of people, now looking for a new server online train ticket booking system. So in this article, we wanna going to share about how you can buy a train E-ticket by using the official website & You can buy this online ticket from 08:00 Am from the Bangladesh railway official website. Besides that this ticket also can be bought from the website. So please follow the below instructions to buy the E-ticket.

etiket railway gov bd Online Train Ticket

All the passengers can buy the Online Train E-Ticket from the Bangladesh railway ministry’s official website. this is the official website. here you could buy the online ticket easily. this server is open at 08:00 Am & you can use this server till 10 PM. If you want to buy the ticket online then please follow the below instruction now.

  • First of all, you need to visit: website
  • Then Click on Login Section & Input your user ID & Password.
  • If successfully login then go to the Purchase option.
  • Then Select your Journey Date (Your Travel Date).
  • After that choose the Starting station (From Where you want to start your travel)
  • Now select the destination station name (Where you want to reach)
  • Then Choose your Tarin seat Class (AC, Non-AC, F seat, S seat etc)
  • Select click on the Search trains option.
  • Then show the available train name & seat number.
  • You need to choose the seat name auto or manual process.
  • The Click on Buy now option.
  • Finally, pay the ticket price through online payment methods. Online Train Ticket

Most of the time the official server of the Bangladesh railway was going down. So there also is an alternate way to buy the online Train E-Ticket. if the official server can not access you should visit the website & complete your ticket booking. We know that shohoz is of the biggest online ticket provider in Bangladesh., So we can easily buy the ticket from shohoz. Please follow the below instruction to buy the Train E-Tickets.

  • First of all please visit:
  • Create a new Account.
  • Log in to the portal & go to the Buy Ticket section.
  • Now Select Online Train Ticket
  • Select the journey information
  • Select Train name & seat number
  • Complete the payment process.

Train E-Tickets Advantages

At this stage, we will know the Advantages of Bangladesh Railway Train E-Tickets. we know that everything has a two-part. So there are many advantages have on the Online Train Ticket. So now we know the advantage of this ticket.

  • 50% Ticket can be issued from Online
  • No Need to stand long line on the Counter.
  • Easily book ticket from the smartphone of Computer.
  • Easy Online Payment Methods
  • The computerized system of “Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV”
  • 77 mentioned stations for Intercity trains.
  • Daily 90,000 railway tickets are issued.

Train E-Tickets Dis-Advantages

There is not only advantages, also a lot of disadvantages have on the Railway E-ticket on the Bangladesh railway. In the below section now we will share all of the disadvantages of E-tickets.

  • Already the server going down.
  • Need 18 Months to change the current server.
  • Need an Internet connection to access the server.
  • OTP code is not found sometimes.
  • sometimes face payment failure.

ট্রেনের টিকেট ফেরত দেয়ার নিয়মাবলীঃ

বাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ের ট্রেনের টিকেট ফেরত দেয়ার জন্য অবশ্যই আপনার স্টেশনের কাউন্টারে যেতে হবে। টিকেট ফেরতের ক্ষেত্রে নিম্মোক্ত চার্জ ধার্য করা হবে।

  • যাত্রা শুরুর ৪৮ ঘন্টা আগে টিকিট ফেরত দেওয়ার ক্ষেত্রে, এসি ক্লাসের জন্য ৪০ টাকা, প্রথম শ্রেণীর জন্য ৩০ টাকা এবং অন্য শ্রেণীর জন্য ২৫ টাকা পরিষেবা চার্জ সহ কাটা হবে।
  • ৪৮ ঘন্টার কম এবং ২৪ ঘন্টার বেশি হলে, ভাড়ার ২৫% চার্জ কাটা হবে।
  • ২৪ ঘন্টার কম এবং ১২ ঘন্টার বেশি হলে, ভাড়ার ৫০% চার্জ কাটা হবে।
  • ১২ ঘন্টার কম এবং ০৬ ঘন্টার বেশি ভাড়ার ৭৫% চার্জ কাটা হবে।
  • ০৬ ঘন্টার কম সময়ের জন্য কোন ফেরত নেই।
  • অনলাইন ক্রয়ের জন্য সার্ভিস চার্জ অ-ফেরতযোগ্য।

Final word

Thanks for reading this article about Online Train Ticket Bangladesh. we sherd here how to buy an online E-Ticket. Also, we discuss about Train E-Tickets Advantages vs Dis-Advantages. We hope that already you could find all kinds of the necessary information about the Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket system.


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  1. Previous System Very Good & Useful System.
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