Richard Morris Cause of Death – How He was died, Know Cause of Death Here

A diplomat was found hanged in a forest after suffering extreme stress working on the Harry Dunn case then the Government’s Covid taskforce, an inquest heard today.

Former ambassador to Nepal Richard Morris, 52, toiled long hours, helping co-ordinate briefings to ministers at a time when the UK was battling the fierce first wave of coronavirus.

The body of Richard Morris, 52, was found in woodlands four months after he disappeared in May, an inquest confirmed today.

The body of 52-year-old Richard Morris was discovered near his home in Bentley, Hampshire, in August 2020.

He was drafted onto that team just after having led a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office team involved in the high profile Harry Dunn case, the teenage motorcyclist killed in a crash outside US military base RAF Croughton in Northants.

On Monday, his widow fought back tears as she told an inquest he had been ‘totally unprotected’ from the demands of the Covid taskforce.

Alison Morris said ‘I think it felt to him like he was being told to man up and be more resilient.

She said her husband feared there was not enough time to process information and she had to tell him ‘he was not responsible for Covid-19’.

As a result, he was ‘desperate’ to keep on top of what was going on, working every day with ‘no real-time off’, she said.

Mr Morris was last seen running near his home in Hampshire on May 6, 2020, and his body was found three months later.

An inquest into his death resumed on Monday in Winchester.

Addressing the coroner, Ms Morris said her husband was a ‘quiet extrovert’ who ‘thrived on interactions with others.

Initial investigations have yet to establish how a diplomat whose body was found in a forest months after going missing died, an inquest has been heard.


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