Kuli Roberts Cause of Death – What Happened With Her! How She Die

Media personality & Actress Kuli Roberts passed away on Wednesday, February 9, at the age of 49. It is learnt that he was getting ready for one of his media interviews and died shortly before the interview began.

A report said that on Wednesday evening he felt sleepy. At that time the actress and tv channel man were in the same house. It is also known that Kuli Roberts suffered a heart attack like a friend of his.

Details around Kuli’s death, including the cause, have not been confirmed. The cause of Kuli Roberts’ death has not been officially announced yet. But it is believed that his death was due to a heart attack.

His friends confirmed the news of his death. His death has been mourned by all known and people from different walks of life.

“She was okay,” said the friend who asked not to be named.

“She was relaxing with friends at a get-together and she just collapsed and never woke up,” the friend continued to explain to TRUELOVE.

He has acted in several productions so far. He recently worked in a Netflix movie Angelina. She was a journalist at Fair Lady, Drum, You and Sunday World. Everyone is paying tribute to him on social media. She was the older sister of actress Hlubi Mboya and leaves behind two adult children and a grandchild.

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