Jennifer Bartlett Obituary – How did She die?

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Jennifer Bartlett ( full name; Jennifer Lorsch Bartlett) was an American artist who was best known for her paintings of items that we see every day.

Her paintings range from houses all the way to the shape of clouds in the sky. According to critics, Jennifer Bartlett was known to infuse both elements of representational and abstract art in her paintings.

Jennifer, (81 years old) was born in Long Beach, California, and is believed to have died in Amagansett, New York on July 25th,2022. She was an alumnus of Mills College and the Yale school of art and architecture.


Jennifer Bartlett Obituary

The celebrated artist’s death was announced on July 25th,2022. For now, funeral arrangements have not been made public by her family but here, we wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the former artisan’s family and all those who are affected by her demise.

Jennifer Bartlett Death

Currently, our team is working hard to determine Jennifer Bartlett’s cause of death. Currently, we have no further information about Jennifer Bartlett’s death.

We assure you, however, that we will provide you with the facts as soon as we are informed. Jennifer Bartlett’s family and friends are in deep grief and let’s pray for them to receive peace.

As of now, there have been few news broadcasts or orbital statements regarding Jennifer Bartlett’s death cause.


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