Chittagong University (CU) D Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021। Today Exam PDF Solution

Today 30 October 2021 was held the Admission test of D unit of Chittagong University for 2020-21 academic year . Thousands of students from all over the country participated in this admission test. At the end of the test, they want to see the answers to the questions that they do not know answers and the answers to the questions that they were confused.

So our website has been given the solution of the questions after the admission test of D unit has been held. All the candidates from any part of the country who participated in the admission test of the unit of Chittagong University to be held on 30th October can see the solution of the correct and accurate questions of D unit from our website.

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The solution to this question will help you to know a lot. Moreover, you will be able to get a rough idea of ​​how you took the test and how many marks you can get after the test. So go to the bottom of our website and from there you can see the solution of the multiple-choice question of D-Unit number 100.

The first admission test of Chittagong University was held on 27 October. The admission test for D unit was held on October 30 at Chittagong University’s own campus. Chittagong University authorities have given several guidelines for the candidates to appear at the examination center. Considering the current corona situation in the country, the Chittagong University authorities have asked the students to follow the strict guidelines considering the health risks.

Chittagong University A Unit Question Solution 2021

So each candidate appears in serial at the test center one hour before the start of the test. So their test was held at 11 am. In this test they are given multiple choice questions of 100 marks. Multiple choice questions of 100 marks from different subjects are given and 0.25 marks will be deducted for wrong answer of each question.

Chittagong University D Unit Question Solution

The D-Unit examination of Chittagong University will be held in two phases today. The first shift examination will run for one hour from 9:15 am to 10:15 am and the second shift examination of the episode will be held from 2:15 pm to 3.00 pm.
Candidates from different districts of the country will participate in the examination on that day. The examination will be taken in MCQ system based on the total 100 marks.
At the end of the exam, each candidate will find the solution to their test question because by solving this question they will be able to check whether they will pass for the next written test.
To this end we have solved the question of D Unit of Chittagong University by experienced faculty which is expected to be of great benefit to you.

CU D Unit MCQ Answer 2021

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However, the admitted students of Chittagong University duly participated in this examination. Just as some students were absent in the admission test of B unit, many students were also absent in the admission test of D unit. However, according to the type of question paper, many candidates could not answer some of the prescribed questions.

Moreover, those who have a fair amount of preparation have come to the examination center and have answered many unknown questions as they will not have a chance. However, many times the luck is in their favor so they get a chance. So no matter what your test is, you can see the solution through this post on our website and make sure.

Chittagong University A Unit Question Solution 2021

It is to be noted that the number of applicants for the admission test of D unit of Chittagong University is about 57 thousand. The number of seats in the D unit of Chittagong University is 1,160. In other words, 49 candidates participated for each seat.

So good luck to the participating examinees on behalf of our website. You all see the solution to the question and wait for the test results. If you provide Chittagong University exam results, you can collect them in PDF file format from our website.

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