Charlbi Dean Cause of Death – How did Charlbi Dean Die?

‘Black Lightning’ actress Charlbi Dean dies at age 32, in a New York Hospital. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, Variety confirmed that Charbli died at age 32.

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Charlbi Dean Cause of Death

At this time, Charlbi’s cause of death is unknown. According to Variety, the actress died of an “unexpected illness.” While no further details have been disclosed, conspiracy theorists on social media insist that her death was a result of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The actual cause [has] yet to be confirmed by a family representative,” one Twitter user alleged. “Kriek was unwell and was being treated in [a] hospital in New York City, where she passed away. As she was inside [the] U.S., she must have been vaccinated.”

However, none of these claims have been substantiated.

One fan of the actress called the “senseless” vaccination allegations “hot garbage.”

The user added, “It’s kinda f–king infuriating to see people comment that Charlbi died from the COVID-19 vaccine when we’ve lost so many people due to the fact that they couldn’t get the vaccine in time.”

How did Charlbi Dean Die?

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South African actress Charlbi Dean has died suddenly at the age of 32.

The movie star and model passed away on Tuesday from an “unexpected, sudden illness”, her representative said.

Variety reports Dean died at a hospital New York. Her cause of death has not been confirmed.

Dean’s family are yet to comment on her death.

Charlbi Dean Obituary

Dean died from a sudden illness, the medical term used to describe any fast deterioration of someone’s health that’s not caused by any identifiable disease or accident. Details about Dean’s death are still scarce, but it’s sad to see her go just as Triangle of Sadness helped to show her talent to the world. Her death is even more tragic when we consider Dean was only thirty-two.

After news broke of the actress’ death, her friends began to commemorate her via social media. “Charlbi would keep me company on the silliest errand, and she knew how to make any day special,” Dean’s friend Helena Beato captioned a carousel of Instagram photos of the model. “She was a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul who always lit up the room. She was probably the coolest person I ever met. One of those effortlessly cool people — authentic, genuine and caring. She was incredibly talented, but don’t let it fool you, she worked very hard to get where she was.”


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