Anne Heche Car Accident Video Footage – What Happened with Her?

A newly released video shows actress Anne Heche speeding through a Los Angeles neighbourhood before she crashes her Mini Cooper. Heche, who appeared on Chicago P.D. at one time, zooms down a residential street. This is done before Heche crashes her car into a home, which starts a significant fire, TMZ reports.

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Reports also indicate this situation caught on video happened after her first crash. Heche crashed into a garage at an apartment complex in Los Angeles. She reportedly sped off from that first crash. Supposedly, Heche put her Mini Cooper in reverse. Heche is currently hospitalized and reportedly intubated.


Anne Heche Car accident video

There are images of Heche’s car damaged seriously by the fiery crash. Before the Mini Cooper was severely damaged, apartment complex residents attempted to get Heche out of her car. Well, she reportedly put her car in reverse and sped off. Then, she would crash into a nearby home. Besides Heche’s car, the house that she crashed into also reportedly was engulfed in flames.

At this hour, it is reported that Heche suffered severe burns. The fire was significant and damaged the house. One thing that officials might check on when they can do so is to see if Heche was driving under the influence.

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What Happened with Anne Heche?

The celeb news outlet also reports that Heche was driving a blue Mini Cooper and first crashed into the garage of an apartment complex before later crashing into a nearby house. Residents of the apartment building attempted to get Heche out of the car but the actress sped off before they could assist her. Shortly thereafter, Heche crashed into the house in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighbourhood, setting the building ablaze a little before 11 A.M. local time.

Anne Heche Accident Photos

Anne Heche reportedly suffered severe burns after crashing a car into a house in Los Angeles on Friday.

A photo of Heche obtained by TMZ appears to show a red-capped bottle in her vehicle which the outlet speculates could be a bottle of alcohol.

Video of Heche being taken away on a stretcher appears to show her charred clothes. Covered in a white cloth, she reportedly sat up at one point while on the stretcher and flailed wildly before being put into an ambulance.


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